Fighting Society's Ignorance of Mental ill Health | Mindfully Minded

Challenging Ignorance.

Fighting Stigma.


I use my experience as a mental health services user, chronic pain patient, and former crisis line volunteer to help you overcome the challenges of mental ill health and chronic illness.

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The Mighty Contributor

What do You Want Right Now?

I want People to Understand

Experiencing mental ill health can be a constant struggle with the ignorance of the wider world. Here we challenge that ignorance and fight the stigma it causes.

I Want to Support the People I Love

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Mindful Listening is easy to incorporate into your life. Use it to strengthen relationships and support your loved ones. 



I have a diagnosis of Borderline Personality Disorder. I'm a chronic pain patient, a former crisis line volunteer, and  a Buddhist lay priest.

I use my experiences to help you overcome the challenges of mental ill health.