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Discover Mindful Listening

Mindful Listening is easy to incorporate into your life. Use it to strengthen relationships and support your loved ones. By practising Mindful Listening our relationships deepen and the support we offer is more fruitful.

When we listen mindfully we show that we are fully present for the other person.

We give them the time and space to talk about their problems while showing them acceptance without judgement or distraction.


Our Mindful Listening Series
Once we start practising Mindful Listening our relationships deepen and the support we can offer to our loved ones becomes more fruitful.
6 Tips For Mindful Listening
When we are supporting someone we often worry about doing the wrong thing. This worry increases when we are supporting a family member. So how do we start helping someone who is having difficulties? We begin with Mindful Listening.
5 Skills for Mindful Listening
In our previous article, we looked at 6 Tips for Mindful Listening and how we can use these to attend to the people we are supporting. Here we will talk about the skills needed to develop our ability to actively listen.
Meditation Challenge
Meditation and mindfulness seems to be everywhere these days. Have you ever asked yourself "how do I meditate?" Rooted in Buddhist practice it has been readily taken up by Western audiences looking for a way to manage the stresses of daily life but what is mindfulness? Read on to discover a quick five minute meditation to start your mindfulness practice today.


Mindfully Minded

About the Author

I am a Buddhist lay priest, a former crisis line volunteer, and I have a diagnosis of Borderline Personality Disorder. This has meant that I have supported people in need but I am also someone who experiences mental ill health and the challenges it brings.

My years spent volunteering for a suicide prevention line have given me a well developed set of support skills. I have used these skills supporting people who are experiencing emotional crisessuicidal thoughts, and people who are actively suicidal. These skills have been enhanced through my studies and training in Buddhism and from this I have developed Mindful Listening. 

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