Experiencing mental ill health is a constant struggle with society's ignorance. Here we challenge that ignorance and fight the stigma it causes.

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The Problem of Masculinity
Are the inherent qualities of Masculinity still the same, or is it time to change? Let me ask you this. What is it to be a man? For those people who are angry with Mr Haig, what part of our essential manhood is he threatening? Can you define anything that is essential to you being a man?
UK School Bomb Hoaxers: An Open Letter
Dear Hoaxers, I’m not going to tear into you with jibes and angry accusations. That would be tempting, to be sure, but that isn’t what this is about. Doing that would make this about me but this is about you. This is to give you a glimpse into the life of people to whom you have caused distress. One instance springs to mind: my son, an autistic young man who, like many others, is living in a society that persistently refuses to accept his differences.
Halo, Suicide, and Stigma
Those of us who are involved in mental health advocacy are deeply aware of the power of language. A misbegotten word here; a thoughtless phrase there can have a powerful impact on someone who is experiencing mental ill health. Such language builds upon the foundation of discrimination that we find ourselves surrounded by daily, forming additional obstacles that need to be overcome as it twists the attitudes of neurotypical people.
Mental Health & Social Media
Our lives are played out upon the stages of Twitter and Facebook. Likes and shares are our applause and comments the reviews of our peers. The frequent hits of dopamine feed our growing obsession and the chance to “go viral” drives us ever forward in acts of oversharing that wouldn’t have been considered 15 years ago. The anonymity and distance enjoyed by bigoted minds allow them to hurl caustic abuse at any who catch their eye. The pack mentality rules here as like minds stick together and reinforce the belief that they are right and any who disagrees being marked as an overly sensitive “snowflakes”.
A Dad’s Experience of Stillbirth
Born sleeping: a comforting euphemism used to buffer us from the grief and pain that come with the word stillborn. It doesn’t work of course. We let ourselves think that it helps but, in the grand scheme, it does little.
Suicide Headaches What You Need To Know
According to the World Health Organisation (WHO) Cluster Headache (CH) affects fewer than one in a thousand people. It is a debilitating and life-changing illness that, unfortunately, doesn’t get the exposure it’s warranted.
Celebrity, Twitter, and Ignorance Collide
Despite the work of mental health charities there are still those, like Andrew Tate, who belittle and scorn the daily battle fought by people who experience mental ill health.
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About the Author

I have a diagnosis of Borderline Personality Disorder, I'm a former crisis line volunteer, and a chronic pain patient. Due to this I have personally experienced the ignorance and stigma associated with mental ill health and chronic illness.

The general public and even some medical professionals lack an understanding of what it means to live with a mental or chronic physical illness. At Mindfully Minded we work towards creating a positive change so that these attitudes become a thing of the past.

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