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UK School Bomb Hoaxers: An Open Letter

By Rishin | Awareness: Challenging Ignorance & Fighting Stigma

Mar 21

Dear Hoaxers,

I’m not going to tear into you with jibes and angry accusations. That would be tempting, to be sure, but that isn’t what this is about. Doing that would make this about me but this is about you.

Now, I’m sure you will revel in the extra attention, in some added advertisement. I don’t care.

This is to give you a glimpse into the life of people to whom you have caused distress. One instance springs to mind: my son, an autistic young man who, like many others, is living in a society that persistently refuses to accept his differences.

Try to Understand

Don’t worry, I am getting to you in a moment. However, I must at least try to get you to understand the impact your actions had on a community that encompasses something beyond the internet and its trivial spats.

While you thought it to be fabulous fun there were a lot of others who were frightened.

I imagine that you know and understand that schools and colleges include students with special educational needs. These can include a range of challenges such as cognitive, physical and emotional difficulties. 

You targeted children with a bomb threat. A threat that was, rightly so, taken seriously by staff members.  Now think about how many people your actions have affected.

Think of the autistic students, the students who are dealing with anxiety, PTSD, depression, OCD, BPD . . . . I could go on, but I think you get the point.


Neurotypical students and staff were stressed by what happened. Have you even considered the neurodiverse students and staff?  The additional pain and distress you caused them? Not only the worry at the time but the after-effects of the hoax?

The student who experiences severe anxiety for whom just getting to school or college is a challenge; the staff member with a PTSD diagnosis for whom your hoax results in increased flashbacks, nightmares and feeling that their place of work is now unsafe.

And you did this all for what? A squabble over a video game?

You had a problem with a group of people and so you decided to involve thousands of children, students and staff in your hate campaign. You didn’t rope in gaming sites, networks or other industry entities.  No, you levelled a threat at kids and the staff that protect them.

Children Used as Tools

What makes you do that? What makes someone think that a row over a game means they need to do this?

Over on Sky News one of you is quoted as saying “I'm not going to lose sleep over it."

This is where it really does become about you.

What has gone wrong? Why have your priorities gotten so messed up?

You’ve reached a point where you can’t see the difference between those who have upset you and the rest of society.

Children and societal fears were used as tools by you.

You took a prominent fear and then used children as the focal point of that fear.

The justification you present for this is what?

Sky News quotes you as saying, about your disagreement with VeltPvP, "What that network has done is horrible."

Can you see the disparity yet?

The lack of compassion and common decency shown by you is repugnant.

Have Your Say

I offer you the chance to provide a valid and significant reason for your actions because, to be honest, these show a serious breakdown of basic human civility and a substantial skewing of the perception of right and wrong.

The cognitive gymnastics you perform to validate your actions gives me genuine concern.

Is this how you want to pursue your life? Do you really see those around you as mere utensils to be used and discarded?

Or are you now realising the immense cock-up you’ve made and are now struggling to justify an untenable position?

Share your views

I would love to hear your comments on this and if the hoaxers are reading this please justify your actions in the comments below.

Anyone else feel free to share your experience or thoughts on this recent event.